Seven great packing tips

When my blogfriend Laura asked me and three other travel lovers to share some of our packing tips for her blog, I was happy to help. One of my favourite tips really has changed my packing routine during our world trip - we travelled with our bagbacks and had to pack and unpack a gazillion times.

So now my packing dislike is almost gone. Almost... 

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{travel journal} What we packed for our World Trip

It became very clear, very soon that making a packing list for four persons, going on a world trip for 8 months, was much needed. At least, much needed for me and my brain that is...

The good thing about finding a packing list online - prepared and written by someone else - is that it can make it easier for you to tick of your own packing or to-do list. Personally, we used the 'one week' list method. We simply packed as if we would be travelling for one week instead of 8 months...

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{travel journal} How we planned our World Trip

Before we told people we had plans to travel for months around the world with our girls, there were lots of questions... "Where are you moving to?"

After we told people we had plans to travel for months around the world with our girls, there were even more questions... "What about the girls' school?" 

It's only natural for people to have questions - after all, it's not every day that families move continents, or travel for months, or don't even know where their next home will be.... Or is it? 

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