Positive Vibes * You decide...

For those of you who missed our news last year, we got a little puppy - meet     Marlow    .

For those of you who missed our news last year, we got a little puppy - meet Marlow.

Hello New Year!

2018 has started a week ago, the Christmas tree is gone, as has all the chocolate in the house and we are freezing our behinds off here in New York. So what better time to clean up your home, office, closet or - in my case, everything online related. Photo's, emails, blogposts and the Instagram accounts I follow - they all are being cleaned up.

Which brings me to something I wanted to ask you all.

Wise words on the streets of New York

Wise words on the streets of New York

The year has just started but I want to fill the remaining months as much as possible with interesting, positive, honest and inspiring posts that you all are interested in to read. Everybody is busy and if you take time out of your day to read my blog, that is something I really appreciate. So when you come here, I want the words and photography not only to speak to my heart, but to yours as well. And whatever I write, I know - it's not for everyone. And that is okay.

But for those of you who are reading along, I would Love to hear from you what kind of topics you want to read more, or less on the blog. This blog is my online corner but it's not a one way street; I love to interact with my readers! 

So if you find the time, simply reply below in the comment section, or hit me with an email or send me a message on my Instagram. Also, for those of you who have missed my Facebook message - I stopped using my Facebook page. I wanted to change how I spend my time online and I rather spend it here.

Because honestly - I always have a big smile on my face when I see that, the connections we are making are hitting home, getting stronger or my words are just what you needed to read. So Thank You!

And with 357 days left in this brand new year, how are you going to spend them?

Is today your Day One or will you start One Day?

You decide...