Watch our first Meetup in Brighton - which sparked our monthly series


Sometimes you have an idea and follow it, but you have no clue that it could be the start of something new…

That happened to me in June, when I wanted to bring together a few creative women in Brighton - to test the UK waters so to speak; since I’m fairly new to the country. I wanted to learn more what I can do in the future with Moksi Collective to build a community of female creatives and entrepreneurs. Well it turned out that the future was already here!

We gathered together on a hot Tuesday morning at the lovely Junction Studio in the city centre of Brighton. Seven ladies who all have a different background, came together and created such a positive energy of collaborating, learning from each other and feeling inspired, that at the end of that morning, the message was clear - we need to continue this more often, with more women.

And we did! The next Meetup was in July, which was so much fun! Other women attended and our theme of that night was ‘Believe to Grow’. I’m looking forward to share that one soon in a separate video.

For the rest of 2019 these are the following dates where we will have our evening Meetups in Brighton:

September 25 - October 30 - November 27

Thanks to the talents of Nick who creates the MC videos, seeing this small idea come alive and continue to grow, my wish is that more women will join to create more connections and collaborations. After all, community over competition is part of our mission!

Do you want to be at one of the next Meetups? Join our community and sign up below to be on the MC list and be the first to know when the next tickets are on sale. There are Limited Spaces available, so it’s worth to be notified first.

For now, have a look at ‘Gathering’ - our first MC Brighton Meetup in June.

Thanks for being here!