Thirty more days in our wonky Brooklyn apartment

I still love the floors in our wonky Brooklyn apartment

I still love the floors in our wonky Brooklyn apartment

"Have you guys always lived so minimalistic? I love it!"

The words of the realtor showing new people around our wonky apartment.

One year ago we moved into this place without our belongings, just after we finished our trip around the world. We indeed have not acquired a whole lot of new furniture since then, just what we needed (we still have our two (2!) shipping containers back in The Netherlands to deal with this summer - anyone interested in furniture and a whole lot of household stuff?)

Yet somehow 'magically' unwanted small stuff has creeped into our wonky home (think: Christmas ornaments, clothes, toys etc). Living with less for a year has ignited our love for a more minimalistic look, and I plan to keep it this way. 

So, with only thirty more days till our #lifeinthewonkybrooklynhouse is over, there are a lot of things on my mind. Even if it's only a few streets away from our current apartment and we don't have a lot of stuff to take with us, we still need a plan. Last weekend we started with donating things we don't need or want anymore - it felt good to get rid of unwanted items. I noticed that the Salvation Army will take almost anything, but not every thrift store in New York does; we found out that the issue for this is bedbug related and naturally nobody wants to deal with that.

Besides planning a mover and finding a painter - yep, we are allowed to paint the bedroom doors and the kitchen cabinets (insert happy dance) - I'm making a check list for the wonky apartment and for home number 10 - it will be our tenth home living as a family, not counting the many short stay homes we've had or the hotels we had to stay in for months.

Still, it feels a little bittersweet to leave this wonky brownstone apartment, after all it's our first New York home and there are still a lot of things we love about it, but there are more flaws then we are willing to pay for, so moving forward is the best solution. I'm excited to start decorating with our minimal belongings again and create another home here in New York. 

Also, the story how we found our new place will get it's own blogpost, because it's one of these "no way!" stories you read about happening to other people - so yeah! for exciting new chapters in our favourite New York borough - Brooklyn!