What's in a name?

Tonight, I couldn’t stop thinking about the meaning of names and titles and the importance we put on ourselves and others.

From the moment we are born, our name is attached to us. Perhaps we’ll change it later in life by marriage or preference - but still, we have that name. It’s not who we are.

And yet, when it comes to our titles at work or as a profession, we somehow tend to put more value on this part of our lives.

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What would you tell your younger self?

If we could go back in time, for only one minute - what would you tell your younger self?

It could be written as a list that would serve you well growing up, even till this day.

A list of things written on a piece of paper for teenage You to read when needed - in times of self doubt, fears or worries. To make sure you stay focused and to keep you walking your own path.

A piece of paper that would bring You back to the future. What would you say?

I’ve made a list of 10 things I would write to my younger self, that would serve me - and I hope you too - even today.

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On finding courage

It’s a strange thing to experience - nerves while I’m in my home alone recording a message. What the heck is wrong with me? I’m the one who loves to talk and I’m the one nervous to talk? To my phone? But it’s the truth - I’m nervous and I have to deal with it. So finally I thought, this is the time to step into the arena.

Now, if you know Brene Brown and know what I just said, you are nodding your head, right?

For those of you who think - ‘arena? Wait, what…?’

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Positive Vibes * I see you

I have been writing on my blog since 2010. Why do I share? Because I care and want to connect with my readers. I share because I know there are other women, just like me, who are thinking “Hey girl! there you are, I was hoping to meet someone like you”. That’s why I write these words all the time:

‘be yourself - you are enough - you are seen - don’t doubt yourself’

But what if the person who needs to read or hear these words the most, is the one that seems so perfect or so strong and so nobody will ask them - ‘are you okay?’

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