Just take the picture

 '...and with just one click, she froze a moment in time...'   -m.

Last week, it was four years since my daddy passed away. He was only 68.

When I was thinking how to start this blogpost, my mind wandered to a black and white photograph of me and daddy - sitting in a small cable car, on our way to rise high up in an amusement park. I have the photo, so my memory is still fresh of that day...

As a mama who is always behind the camera or snapping away with my trusty Iphone, I made myself a promise. This year will be the start of being more in the pictures with my girls...

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Not everything is what it seems

Social Media - the fickle beast many of us use, mostly on a daily basis. It can be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, or any other one - we all love to use them, day in and out... They're moments of our daily lives, shared in squares, brought to you in a feed. 

So we scroll, we like and we keep on scrolling till something catches our eye...

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