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“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style” -Maya Angelou

Finally a fresh new blog post! It’s unbelievable how long I’ve been silent here.

After my last post five months ago - where I mentioned that we would be leaving New York and were planning a move to Brighton (UK), where we had never been - I had to create a slower pace of doing things. This was new to me for sure.

The Universe has a way of showing you to take more care of yourself, so now I’m finally listening after a string of health related bad months. So yes, a slower pace - not my usual running around and doing five things at the same time. No - this time I took things a little more slower, day by day. Luckily we had not so much to move from our small Brooklyn apartment. We also had some amazing news in the last month before leaving New York - finally all the paperwork for our US work visa’s where approved! So that gave me a good feeling of not saying goodbye to the city. To me, it’s an affirmation of something I had in mind for awhile now - to create a life in a triangle. Living and working between Amsterdam, New York and now Brighton. It’s all early stages, but more on this later.

So, there will be some changes on the blog regarding topics (and I’m changing the look too as I go, so bear with me if things look wonky). I want the blog to reflect more of what I write in my notebooks and where I want to go from here. I’ve changed and the blog should reflect this.

There will be some shorter posts mixed with longer essays, tips and how to’s about Moving, Travel, Home & Interiors, Brighton, New York and Amsterdam. But also more topics about being a Woman today, sharing some Motherhood musings and who knows what I’ll create along the way. A new topic is Positive Vibes - where I’ll share my views on a mixture of things from a positive point of view. We all can agree that the world is grim as it is, and I feel it’s important to create more energy that make me and others feel good. Spreading more Kindness is something I do, always have done in different ways. But I never share it here. Why? I think it’s because this is who I am. It’s what I do, naturally. I don’t think about it - but lately I’ve been pointed out that it is something others would like to read more about. So, more Positive Vibes writing. Also, if you have a topic you want me to write about, please let me know. This is not a one way street, but a conversation among friends. Some of you I know since 2010 and we interact almost every single day. I feel blessed by knowing so many great people, for real.

Oh, I almost forgot! I started to talk to my phone as well (well, so far one time), but I will do more. It’s a great bonus to communicate this way as well. You can see those snippets on Instagram Stories and I’ll keep them in the highlights, so if you missed something it’s still there.

For now, I’m still searching for our next home (so far no luck, but we are staying in a sweet little mews cottage near the sea - although I have no closet. Thank goodness for packing cubes), the girls both started their new schools and loving it, and while Daniel is either working from home or travelling, I’m exploring new cafe’s in Brighton while writing posts ahead, so that there will be a more regular and smooth timeline of new things to come. Did I share about the hall renovation we had in our Dutch home after the flood we had? or my trip to Portugal last month? Or my go-to tips on how to stay sane while changing your life? See, still lots to talk about!

But for now, Thank You for being here and I’ll see you either on Instagram or you can always send me an email.

I love chats, in any way or form.

Maureen x

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