What would you tell your younger self?

If we could go back in time, for only one minute - what would you tell your younger self?

It could be written as a list that would serve you well growing up, even till this day.

A list of things written on a piece of paper for teenage You to read when needed - in times of self doubt, fears or worries. To make sure you stay focused and to keep you walking your own path.

A piece of paper that would bring You back to the future. What would you say?

I’ve made a list of 10 things I would write to my younger self, that would serve me - and I hope you too - even today.

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On finding courage

It’s a strange thing to experience - nerves while I’m in my home alone recording a message. What the heck is wrong with me? I’m the one who loves to talk and I’m the one nervous to talk? To my phone? But it’s the truth - I’m nervous and I have to deal with it. So finally I thought, this is the time to step into the arena.

Now, if you know Brene Brown and know what I just said, you are nodding your head, right?

For those of you who think - ‘arena? Wait, what…?’

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Following my intuition to change Moksi Collective

I promised myself to wait before I would start sharing this with you all. Wait till I’m ready to talk about my goals and what I’m working on. Where this will lead Moksi Collective in the near future. I promised not to put more pressure on myself - remember, I’m trying to be cool with my ‘done is better than perfect’ mission while being creative. But what I know for sure, is that whenever I have this feeling, that tingling feeling inside of my gut, I need to follow it…

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