Thirty more days in our wonky Brooklyn apartment

"Have you guys always lived so minimalistic? I love it!"

The words of the realtor showing new people around our wonky apartment.

One year ago we moved into this place without our belongings, just after we finished our trip around the world. We indeed have not acquired a whole lot of new furniture since then, just what we needed (we still have our two (2!) containers back in The Netherlands to deal with this summer - anyone interested in furniture and a whole lot of household stuff?)

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Apartment hunting in New York City

...something else is happening around the city - the season to hunt for an apartment is full on. Everywhere I walk, I spot moving trucks, realtors with potential clients and weekends are planned around open houses. When I say 'apartment hunting' I mean it literally - it's not an easy task to find the right place in any given city.

In New York it truly is game on

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{a New York moment} - Even the trees are happy

Literally everywhere I look, there are New Yorkers (mostly still dressed in black) and tourists (all dressed in colours) flooding the streets. Yes, people are out and about and the city is buzzing with good vibes.

Living in New York city also means, that having your own outdoor space is considered a luxury - which we don't have...

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