Not everything is what it seems

Social Media - the fickle beast many of us use, mostly on a daily basis. It can be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, or any other one - we all love to use them, day in and out... They're moments of our daily lives, shared in squares, brought to you in a feed. 

So we scroll, we like and we keep on scrolling till something catches our eye...

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Wander 2 Inspire - {a new Instagram Collective}

Sometimes it's better not think too much about the 'why' of things, but rather think of the 'why not' side of it...

That's what happened this week, when I forgot my bag with everything important in it and I had to walk all the way back home... While walking into a different street, I saw some beautiful old buildings, people in colourful coats and dogs wearing bright raincoats.... (this is Brooklyn after all, where even the dogs are stylish hip...). I snapped some Iphone photo's and the more I did this, the more I didn't care about the cold or getting wet.

I wandered and got inspired, simply by seeing new things...

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Instagram Inspirations ~ Sarah from Shop with Sarah

As we reach the nine month of living in our wonky Brooklyn apartment, I noticed that we have somehow managed to gain more 'stuff'. We moved in with only four bag packs, bought the necessary items to live a glamping lifestyle in the city and we had to buy some extra clothes for this winter. But somehow certain extra items moved in as well - even though it's not a lot, it starts to bug me - so it's time to sort things out... That's when I thought of my Instapal Sarah and how I wished she could help me organize better.

Meet Sarah Shanahan - professional organizer, product and food stylist...

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Instagram Inspirations ~ Kara Rosenlund Lifestyle

Today in Instagram Inspirations, meet Australian photographer, stylist and author, Kara Rosenlund.

Our stories have similarities in moving across oceans, passion for travelling and love for authentic and old items. Kara has created many editorial stories for magazines, with her signature styling and photography. I started to look forward to read the stories on her blog. With an authentic voice she shares peaks of her live at home or her weekends in pictures - it all made me even more curious about Australia.

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