Moksi Collective is Growing - some updates

Unsplash photo Sai de Silva

Moksi Collective is Growing & Changing and my smile is getting bigger with each day!

There is an African saying that perfectly captures a big part of my mission:

"If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, Go Together."

And Together is the key word here indeed - Moksi Collective is Growing as a Community & Platform.

For the Online presence, changes behind the scenes are being made to create a brand new website, where the MC blog will be part off. I need a place where I can feature some of the amazing, creative, kind and inspiring women I come across world wide. A place where I can start the MC podcast (planning for late Autumn). And a place where you all can join, if you want, to become a MC Member. So yes, busy times - and luckily for me I’ve found a great girl who started to assist me, because it takes a village to set this all up - I can’t do this alone. But this is the season to work hard on my dreams. The ones that have been put aside for so long - due to us moving to different countries and me being multi-passionate, but now finally can commit to my plans. I wanted most of these changes to happen for a long time. Then last week, an extra special moment happened.

For the Offline experience, I decided to test the UK waters first, since I’m new here in Brighton & the first Moksi Collective Meetup took place last week. I’m working together with a great videographer (Niko) who’s work you will see soon. I didn’t expect too many people, so I hired a small room and was surprised how great the connections were, when all the women were together. I’m telling you, when women come together to connect and share, magic happens!

It all went so well that Brighton will have monthly creative meetups! The next one will be end of this month, July 24th in the evening. I’m collaborating with Studio 50 - a creative space, where we will be hosting this. I’ll share more in details in a separate post, but for now, know that during this Summer period I need to manage my time wisely, because so much is going on and I want to show up on a regular basis with new content for you. Plus not to forget, school is out for the Summer - which means besides working on MC & I’ve finished my Marketing course (yeah!), we had many guests over & staying with us in the last few weeks, two surprise parties for Daniel’s big 5-0, and currently we’ve guests from Brooklyn too - so yes, family life continues, of course & that’s where I have to be really present.

So, with that being said, here is the Summer schedule for the blog:

July will have one more blogpost & in August there will be two.

From September I’m back on a regular basis of posting a blogpost once a week.

In case you want to see what is happening on a daily basis, do hop over to my Instagram & Instagram Stories (where I also talk. To you. Imperfectly, but that’s okay).

So, I’ll see you soon, online or at one of the meetups.

Thank You for being here, for reading along, for your comments and support.

This journey wouldn’t be the same without my blog readers. Big Love!

Maureen x

photo: Sai de Silva