On finding courage


It’s a strange thing to experience - nerves while I’m in my home alone, recording a message. What the heck is wrong with me? I’m the one who loves to talk and I’m the one who’s nervous to talk? To my phone? But it’s the truth - I’m nervous and I have to deal with it.

In case you have missed this, I’m on a new mission to grow Moksi Collective into something bigger than myself. And one of the things I want to do is to start a podcast - which I thought would not be a big problem. But then when I started recording myself on my phone for Instagram Stories, it didn’t go as planned (you can still see them in the Highlight-Hello). Now luckily for me, you all are the best - I’ve gotten so many direct messages cheering me on, telling me how brave I am and to keep going. But here’s the thing… I didn’t feel brave.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now - to grow Moksi Collective into a brand and platform. I’m currently working with April, my creative coach in New York and I’m studying a big marketing and teaching training - so finally I thought, this is the time to step into the arena. Now, if you know Brene Brown and know what I just said, you are nodding your head, right?

For those of you who think - ‘arena? Wait, what…?’

Stepping into the arena is an expression by Brene Brown in her Netflix special ‘the Call to Courage"‘. In here she explains that people who are being brave with their lives, are stepping into the arena (to get their asses kicked for sure, but that’s beside this point). What matters is that, despite the fear, the nerves or the many things that are popping into my head, doing something that I’m not good at gave me all the feelings - but I did it anyway. And I will keep doing this for the next 30 days or so, to get better at this.

Perhaps these feelings are coming from the fact that, this time it’s really for myself and my work. By really showing up for myself and leaning into these changes, I feel I’m moving forwards towards my own goals. So yes, this is me, stepping into the arena. Because I want to do what is needed to achieve these big dreams of mine. And I want to take you all with me on this journey!

So, if you are holding yourself back, from doing that one thing that you know you need to do, to get to the other side, please - take a deep breath and do it. Don’t overthink it. Do it.

Will it be good? Probably not. Will you feel happy you did it? Probably yes.

Then you breathe again and you start fresh the next day. And by telling your mind “Hey, this is what we are going to do - today!” you will feel a mind shift happening. So don’t give up on yourself - do that one thing that you are afraid of.

And you know what’s on the other side of your fear?

Your dreams. Waiting to be created.

I’m in the arena - will I see you there?

Maureen x