Following my intuition to change Moksi Collective


I promised myself to wait before I would start sharing this with you all.

Wait till I’m ready to talk about my goals and what I’m working on. Where this will lead Moksi Collective in the near future. I promised not to put more pressure on myself - remember, I’m trying to be cool with my ‘done is better than perfect’ mission while being creative.

But what I know for sure, is that whenever I have this feeling, that tingling feeling inside of my gut, I need to follow it. My insides are literally dancing and making flips while I’m writing this. My body tingles. (“why am I writing this?!” - that’s my ego talking). But I’m shutting ego out, because listening to my gut - my intuition, has always directed me where I needed to be.

This new journey is a simple but big one - I’m taking Moksi Collective in a new direction. Creating an online and offline platform, with a focus on female creatives, makers and entrepreneurs. The mission statement is being drafted, but it will be one that feels aligned with my core values of Creating and Connecting while Giving Back.

What I haven’t shared here yet, is that since March, I’m working with a creative coach in New York City - April Hannah - and she is amazing. How we’ve met is a story in itself, involving intuition and two other New York creatives. Will share it soon, but currently we are in the middle of working together. How to get my plans up and running, but also how I can show up as my best self. I also started this week with a new big training course created, by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, and Jenna Kutcher is coaching my group as well (her quote above says it all). Man, I’m learning so much about teaching, marketing, branding - my head hurts. For years I was already reading and learning about these topics, because I always knew I wanted to work for myself again & I love supporting other women. But moving to other countries has made this almost impossible. Now it’s time to create another business again (I had a small wholesale one before, this will be really different). So by learning from people who are experts in their fields, from my coach and by taking actions, I’m working more each day towards creating Moksi Collective as a brand.

Now, I will share more details of course about all of this in the upcoming weeks and months, but I wanted you to really know this - Moksi Collective will change, because I am changing. I want to keep creating new content on the blog, but I also know that video will help me interact better with you, so I’m working on this with someone here in Brighton. Podcasts are great to connect with other creatives in a different way, so that too will be a part of Moksi Collective (have to say, this is a new skill for me, but I will learn it). Connecting in real life is something I love to do and bringing women together I already do on a regular basis, so that will be a pillar as well (can you tell I’m getting excited?). So steps are being taken behind the scenes to make this all a reality.

Now, this new path I’m on will not be in everyone’s interests and that’s okay. If you are reading this and decide that this is not for you, thank you for being a part of Moksi Collective so far.

But for those of you who are thinking, Yes Maureen! I want to be a part of this too! Big Hugs to you all! I truly hope you are willing to stay with me and help me shape this new community. It really takes a village to build something new and I can’t do this by myself. I don’t want to do this by myself. I want to grow together because we all can learn from each other. As Women, as Entrepreneurs, as Creatives and Makers on a global scale.

So yes, I’m listening more each day to my intuition - putting my fears, doubts and all the other negatives in the back of my mind. Because my gut is dancing with joy, simply by sharing this with you all!

Thanks for being here and thanks for being a part of Moksi Collective.

Change making starts with us all, one day at the time.

Maureen x