Positive Vibes * I see you

Maureen NYC 2018

“I prefer to reach your heart first, then your eyes…”  - Maureen C.

When I started writing my first blogpost, on August 5, 2010 - I never would have guessed that I would still be enjoying it so much, almost nine years later.

Some of my writing ends up here on the blog or on Instagram - to be read by strangers. If I stop and think about it too much, I tend to freeze for awhile. But as I wrote last week, I’m determined to keep showing up here - for real.

All these words are created in my mind, send out into the world through a digital screen.

Words to show what I think or that I care.

To inspire.

To invoke.

To make you think, wonder or simply smile.

Words created to reach far beyond my own little circle.

Throughout these nine years, I have shared some moments of our lives (with strangers online) and some of these online strangers became real life friends.

But why do I share? Because I care and want to connect with my readers.

Because there is so much wonder every day. I see so many creative and inspiring people; learning from them or telling you about their work is why I share. There are hundreds of little daily moments filled with goodness in this world that we should focus more on - it would be a shame not to share. I share because I want to learn from other people across the globe who live a completely different lifestyle then I do.

And I share because I know there are other women, just like me, who are thinking “Hey girl! there you are, I was hoping to meet someone like you”.

That’s why I write these words all the time:

‘be yourself - you are enough - you are seen - don’t doubt yourself’

But what if the person who needs to read or hear these words the most, is the one that seems so perfect or so strong and so nobody will ask them - are you okay?’

How do I reach through all the digital noise surrounding us?

How do I make a positive difference in someones day?

I often wonder - in a world where we all share so much, how do we filter out the unwanted voices?

I hope with some of my writing I do reach you and I really want you to hear me when I say,

‘I see you - what can I do?’

Because sharing is caring. But being there for someone, even if it’s virtually, is caring too.

I see you.


Maureen x

*photo made by Camila in New York City