I've got some news to share...


Hello everyone!

There is a big change around the corner for us again and I hope you want to join us into this new chapter of our lives.


How do you know when it's the right time to say goodbye, to something you love? To a city you love. The place that feels like home... 

This photo of the four of us is from 2,5 years ago - taken just before we boarded our airplane to start a 7 month travel trip (which turned into 8 months) around the world. It was a cross road moment in our lives, into bigger changes, financially and emotionally. And now, in 2018, we are again at a point where we will be taking a big leap of faith.

When we left our comfortable life in Dubai, we made a decision to leave it all behind us, even though we loved living there. And now after two years of being in New York City - a city we also love - we are preparing for yet another big move. One that we hope will be our base for some years to come.

These past couple of months, we had many talks, chats, rising emotions and finally we all agreed what would make sense for us all. We started to digest that we needed to make a longer term decision, based on our family needs. One that sadly doesn't involve living in Brooklyn anymore. So we told our family and close friends the news and we just started the long (read: looong) list of things to do, and I felt today it's time to start sharing with you as well.

There will be more detailed blog posts about this next chapter, lots of photo's of New York on Instagram and how it is behind the scenes. This time almost feels like deja-vu from when we landed in this big city, with only our bag packs. Not knowing a soul, not having a place to call home, no schools for the girls and uncertainty about Daniels new journey as an entrepreneur. We have done this before (moving to Houston, back to The Netherlands, moving to Switzerland - just weeks before Zoe was born, moving to Dubai, travelling for months and moving to New York). So yes, it's been one hell of a ride these past sixteen years! But it all adds to our story, of living life your own way.

The story of a family that doesn't shy away of taking risks, or leaving their comfort zone (many times). But that doesn't make these decisions easier. It's not been easy every time for the girls or on our marriage. So even though this is our 16th year of living this global lifestyle, it's been sixteen years of changes. And that is a bloody long time, so yes, I'm tired. Not tired from adventure, but at the pace we have been living, it's time to slow down for awhile. Just a tad.

So now we are searching for yet another rental place - home number 11 in 16 years. And this is just me summing it all up in a blog post. Not counting the many short term rentals, hotels and AirBnB's we stayed at before we could move into a home. This is just me summing up many discussions, emotional days, bloody hard days and lonely days, all in one sentence. Summing it all up or showing you the great and lovely moments, that is always easy. And yes, we've had plenty of great years. But how do you share a family life when not everything is worth sharing or needs to be shared? Then I remembered something...

I read blogs, articles, books about people changing their lives, taking leaps of faith or travelling the globe. They shared parts of their story and I learned from them. I know I do share with you all, but if you have met me personally (even only once), you know I am a talker, a sharer, a giver. So this next journey will be a bit more up-close and personal Maureen.

But thankfully we are not alone in this next journey! We have many family members and great friends who support us in all the unusual decisions we have made over the years, and I really look forward to be closer to them all.

Oh, did I forget to mention where our next journey will bring us? It's all still not settled yet (remember, deja-vu...) so we have again, no place to call home, no schools and a small matter of "we have never been there", but we will be leaving New York this Summer, for a new life (fingers crossed!) in the seaside city of Brighton, United Kingdom.


I know some of you have questions, but I'll talk some more about the why/what/where/how next time. For now, we are still in Brooklyn and we plan to fully enjoy the special New York City energy while we can. Also, airplanes are still flying, so we can always come back to visit. Nothing is forever, and as Dr. Seuss said:

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened".

Talk soon & thanks for reading!


Maureen x