Positive Vibes * Don't be afraid to fail

Maria's    collage - different women with different passions. Yet, they all dared their fears, tried, failed and succeeded in their own ways.

Maria's collage - different women with different passions. Yet, they all dared their fears, tried, failed and succeeded in their own ways.


"Don't be afraid to fail - be afraid not to try..."


Growing up, we learn that by the end of our school years, we must know where we want to go and what we want to do. Or better yet, we need to have it all mapped out. I can assure you, if you still don't know what to do when you grow up, you are not alone. Welcome to the club! So many women (and men) are changing careers, starting over or starting later in life - doing what they love. 

Not many of you know that I had a small jewelry wholesale business before we moved to Switzerland, while being pregnant with Zoe. Or that I've had so many different kinds of jobs, my cv is literally two pages long, no joke. I'm easily bored, very curious and eager to learn. I've started new life directions, jobs, hobbies - all because I wanted to. I'm not afraid of trying. And I failed many times, but I gained experiences that serve me even today. 

I've always believed that, if you never try you will never know. It's one of my mantras I truly live by my entire life and it's one of the pillars I raise my girls on. Actually, our whole lifestyle is practically based on it. Trying and failing, getting up, try again or change directions. It's better to do and learn from whatever happens next, then to never know how something could have been. Or how you would feel. It could even have changed your life. Trying something new or overcoming your fear - no matter how small or big that fear may be - it opens up your mind, makes you feel alive and it makes your heart go boom! 

Lately, I've been wondering about passion. I don't mean in the sexual term, but in the passionate creative version.

What makes your heart beat faster?

What do you do, that you are passionate about? How do you express yourself? Whether it's through a hobby or in your job - what makes you start your day with a smile and intention? The moments that make you feel giddy, the ones that make you want to laugh - out loud. Passionate moments. They make you forget time and inspire you so much. Those defining moments that perhaps others can't phantom - your why, your happy place.

I truly believe that we all are on a journey of constant learning.

It's not the destination we need to pay attention to, it's the daily journey we are on - right now. We all are different women, in age, circumstances, believes, and so on. But what is it that you are passionate about but haven't tried yet? Take a look around you. Is this life you are in - is this what you had planned, hoped for, worked so hard for? Are you doing what you love in your job? Do you spend your free time on your favourite hobby? If the answer is yes, I'm doing my happy dance for you - yeah! Keep going girl! 

But if the answer is no, perhaps this year need to become your year of doing what you love to do. 

And if you don't know what your passion is, no worries. Start by making a happy list and a daily routine list. Compare the two and adjust what you don't like. Start creating new experiences, small or big. It's all part of opening up your mind. Or you can always contact me. Honestly I'm for real - no better way of figuring something out than to brainstorm about it, and sometimes that goes easier with someone who is not too close to you. Like I said, if you never try...

And while you are exploring what you are passionate about, pay close attention to your heart - because your heart always knows.