Life between New York and Amsterdam

Without realizing it, I've been absent from my blog the entire month of July and August - how did this happen? Of course I know how... too much on my plate and so little time to do it all.

My last blogpost was a short week before we moved from our wonky Brooklyn apartment, to our second home here in New York - #homenr10. This move was only two streets away and so on a Wednesday morning we packed, moved and were done by noon. It was relatively quick since we don't have many belongings here. After that, life started to move in a very quick tempo.

We flew back to Amsterdam and right away we started with the unpacking process of our two shipping containers, filled with our belongings from when we lived in Switzerland and Dubai. All our stuff - wrapped, packed and spread out over four storage units. We are one down, but still have tree to unpack and decide what to do with it all... After a week of doing this, we had a break and spent ten days in Portugal, doing as little as possible to get our energy back. The rest of the Summer was filled with more unpacking, transporting stuff, working in our own home near Amsterdam, painting, a quick trip to the UK, renovations in the little house and trying to check of my long to-do list. On top of all this, we had to deal with two heavy family emergencies in both our families... Life always has a way of slowing you down and showing you what is important, no? So I had to strip back halve of said to-do list before returning back to New York.

Still, we had a good Summer and I'm thankful we could see most of our loved ones again - although some very briefly - but hopefully next Summer we can sit down and enjoy the fruits of our labour in our own garden, right? 

So back to today - Monday in Brooklyn, where the sun is shining like it's still Summer time.

And with the start of this last quarter of the year, I'm thinking about the blog, social media and where I want to go from here to move forward. What I do know is that I love writing and photography and I love my blog since I started back in 2010. Still, times have changed and especially Instagram with its algorithm doesn't work the way it used to. I've seen the complaints online of people feeling discouraged because their numbers of followers declined or there was less engagement. I can see how that is a problem, but I do believe that the core of readers (or followers) are there because they are the ones who connect with what you (or I) share online. So I keep in mind that Instagram is a free app on my phone - one that connects me with so many great like minded people, where I still find inspiring photo's and it's a big part of where I share things online. 

But my blog is mine and it will always be a place where I can be creative, connect and share - for all who want to read it. And connecting with more people is something I love to do, so if all goes well, I can soon start sharing some more how I will do just that - here in New York and in our home near Amsterdam.

But first things first - let's get things back into a routine, starting with some great women I personally know and truly love what they are doing online. Have a look at their Instagram or blogs and maybe you will find a new person to connect with, or you will be inspired by what they share. Enjoy! 


* Instagram Inspirations: 

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