What makes a house a home?

bedroom view (with my favourite Shabby Chic book) peeking into the sitting area.

bedroom view (with my favourite Shabby Chic book) peeking into the sitting area.


Creating a home, away from home.

That was the tagline, my slogan, the red line I used when I started with a new blog project - The Moksi Homes. It was January 7, 2014. Things worked out completely different then I thought - my father passed away one week later, setting in motion a whirlwind of actions, emotions and later a lack of joy to blog. But I continued, slowly but surely with this project, even though my heart wasn't really in it anymore. I knew that we would be leaving our home in Dubai - not knowing at that time that we would be travelling the world for 8 months right after. While we explored new countries, blogging took a back seat and short captions on Instagram took its place for awhile. I shared our new journey of becoming new New Yorkers with no household belongings -  just the four of us and our bag packs. I started writing on my blog more and slowly I felt comfortable here again. My own little online place. Yes, the name and look has changed - like many of my addresses and interior changes - but that didn't matter, it's my online home where you can find me.

Back in the day, when I started blogging in 2010, the blogging community was different and most people where sharing simply to connect with each other. Luckily for me, a whole group of my first readers are still active and online, making it feel like we all are part of a big global family. So between all the big changes of moving to different countries, blogging was (and still is) one of my constant pillars. My online home where I connect, create and get inspired. And even though we never really planned on doing this for more than a few years, next month marks our 15th year of living this nomadic lifestyle.

Last year when we moved into our wonky apartment here in Brooklyn, we have learned how to live with the bare minimum. And as a big lover of interior decorations (and all things related to renovations), living without our old belongings is easier than I thought. Don't get me wrong, we are no minimalists - there are extra toys, paper stuff, clothes and shoes that have sneaked into the apartment these past twelve months. Perhaps I need to read and apply the Marie Kondo technique again... Specially since we are hunting for our second New York apartment - no need for unwanted stuff.

So what makes a house a home? The furniture?  Smaller items filled with emotional attachments? I know I miss having some of my personal items with me, like all my framed photo's. But even without our old belongings, our minimalistic wonky rental brownstone does feel like a home. Because to me the answer is pretty simple...

No matter how beautiful your decorations are in your house, apartment, studio or room, it's the people we share our houses with that make it feel like home. Whether they live with you or visit you, people (and pets) make the soul of a house come alive - besides a good lick of paint. They are literally the beating hearts walking, talking, dancing, eating, sleeping and what have you not, between your four walls. 

As the saying goes "Home is where the heart is" - I fully agree.