Not everything is what it seems

moma nyc

Social Media - the fickle beast many of us use, mostly on a daily basis. It can be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, or any other one - we all love to use them, day in and out. Whether it's to share or gather information, to connect with likeminded people or to be inspired by others, for business or pleasure - there is no getting around the internet in our daily lives anymore. The photo's we see on social media are filled with snapshots, styled and curated photographs. They're moments of our daily lives, shared in squares, brought to you in a feed.

So we scroll, we like and we keep on scrolling till something catches our eye...

A witty caption, an essay written from the heart, that cute cat photo, a perfectly styled home, or the warm friendships made online - short or long, it's the human connections made through social media, that makes the world seem smaller. Anything and everyone is simply a click away. 

So we scroll, we like and we keep on scrolling till something catches our eye... 

Still, I will never forget that saying - 'not everything is what it seems'. I know there are people who think for some reason, that if we travel again and again we must have plenty of money. Or that everything comes easy for us and that we never argue. Well, I can tell you that none of this is true of course, but why should I? It's the assumptions people make or want to believe - all based on moments shared online. It's fine by me, if you want to know something I believe it's always better to ask then to assume.

For instance, Instagram is an app, for your phone, where people share moments - not their whole lives. When do you see a photo of a couple fighting or kids having a meltdown, a dirty house or anything people don't want to share? You do see kisses, hand holding, vacations, clean styled homes and smiles. All this is normal daily life stuff, yet only one side is photographed and shared, and we all know the other side exists too. Most of us can balance that out. So why is it that some folks need a reminder about the other side of the photographs? We all know that you only see what someone wants you to see. Personally, I like to keep my blog and social media a place filled with open and positive vibes, to inspire and connect. Since we are more alike than different, I always believe that we can learn from each others experiences.

So next time you see a photo or text online, look again - is it what you see or read, or what someone wants you to see? And even if it's only happy go lucky with glitters on top, you know everybody has good and bad days - so balance that out in your mind.

You think the photo above is a portrait of Malcolm X? Or Jay-Z? Look again...  It's Samuel Fosso, posing as Malcom X. The photo is on display in the MoMa.* And if you look closely, you can see my reflection in the glass.

Yep, not everything is what it seems at first... 



* The Museum Of Modern Art has free general admissions every Friday night, from 4pm - 8pm, during Uniqlo Free Friday nights.