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Make your next Move video - watch it   [here]

Make your next Move video - watch it [here]


"Don't you know that every perfect life would mean the end of art?"

This is the first line John Malkovich says in the tree minute clip 'Make your next move' - a collaboration between John Malkovich and Squarespace.

As a Squarespace user myself (I transferred a few months ago from Wordpress to Squarespace and never looked back), I was mesmerized that an actor/director/producer of his calibre would promote the making of a website.

But here I was wrong.

This is not solely about making a website - it's about being true to yourself, making art and being a creative. John never let other people define who he is or what he should do, let alone who he should become. So he is now also a fashion designer. The clip shows that following your dreams, shifting dreams and owning your story is more important then what others may say about you. 

"I'm always a figure in someone else's dream... I'd really rather sometimes make my own figures and make my own dreams"

I loved this so much, that I made a link to the clip in one of my newsletters - which I never mentioned on the blog or on social media. I got some great responses back and people sharing it with others in their own circle of friends.

My point is, that in my newsletters there are things I share only with the Moksi Collective readers. Have you ever thought, why would I sign up for a newsletter if someone doesn't have a business? What is the point? I can't get specials or discounts on items...

To me, the Moksi Collective newsletters are not only a weekly roundup of what's been going on in my world, on the blog or on social media. It's my direct line to my readers. It's where I tell them what's coming up, things I haven't shared online yet - or will not share on social media or on the blog. It's where I share the links I think they would like to see or read. It's where I talk extra about other creative people, interesting finds or places. And it's the only place where I give-away items that I love myself. 

I truly am happy when someone says that they loved something or found a new book I shared or when they got inspired by reading the blog or my social media. This whole writing and sharing journey is a part of me connecting with my readers. And since I can't meet everyone in person - most of you are spread out over the world - this way I'm staying connected in a more direct way.

It's my way of saying 'Hello, have a seat, take a drink, read along and be inspired'  - all in one email.

So yes, the news in my newsletters is sharing and connecting - but I can't name it the 'sharingandconnectingletter', that would be a bit too long... so newsletter it stays.

Hope you enjoy x