Our house near Amsterdam


* Update: the house is not available anymore *

For fourteen years, this nomadic lifestyle of ours has lead us on many different paths and roads.

The good thing is that we have learned (the hard way) to always make sure we have a house of our own. Eleven years ago we found another home - a white corner house near a small canal, build around 1924 with an attached mini-house to it from 1997. I named the house the old lady - she has seen a lot and is still going strong, so I deemed her a female.

Fast forward to 2,5 years ago - we rented our house to Souraya from Binti Home and she created her home there. As a stylist and photographer, she uses the main house as her home and the mini-house as her work studio plus workspace. The old lady has been featured in different Dutch magazines thanks to Souraya's inspiring styling work. For inspiration photo’s of the house, you can click here and for her styling video, showing you around the house, click here As things go in life, Souraya decided to follow a new road in her life and will be moving out soon. We wish her all the best in her new adventures!

So, the old lady will become available again - either for rent or potentially for sale.

We're looking for someone who also will love her old styles and who wants to live in a village, yet close by the city of Amsterdam. 

For those of you who are really interested - or if you know someone who is - click here for more information. It's written both in Dutch and English. For all your questions regarding the old lady or something related to this, you can contact me by email: maureen@moksicollective.com

Daniel and I are looking forward to see who will be enjoying their life with this old lady of ours.