Our interview with Erin Boyle for Simple Matters


We just arrived in Brooklyn 6 weeks before, when I bumped into a familiar face on the street.  "Hey, aren't you Erin? I read your blog!" 

Erin Boyle is one of the Brooklyn bloggers who's daily musings and tips I read while I still lived in Dubai. She laughed at my ever flowing stream of words and we had a nice chat about our lives. A couple of months later she emailed me if I was interested in participating in her Simple Matters series on her blog. Eh... yes! Of course!

But we are not a minimalistic family persé, even though we love clean and simple homes. It turned out, Erin loved to share our story - the travelling part, the moving part but more so the fact that we are living minimalistic without our belongings (which are still in the container) for the past 6 months. 

So on a sunny day in August she came by for a chat and she photographed our nearly empty apartment.

In case you have not seen it, last week our story was featured on her blog Reading my Tealeaves and I love how the interview turned out. Erin asked me some pretty good questions - have a look here to read my take on moving multiple times with kids, storing our towels in wine crates and our new live in Brooklyn.

Thanks again for the interview Erin!