The apartment we rent here in Brooklyn is in a brownstone building & almost a 100 years old. We are on the top floor {which is a good exercise when you carry groceries}. Some parts of it are upgraded, but most of it is still as it was, with wonky walls & floors that are sloping bad - like a slide in the park. We named it the wonky house - even before we knew it would be ours - it already got a nickname. I gave it a hashtag too, #lifeinthewonkybrooklynhouse.  Last Sunday, I met a man in the neighbourhood garden, who 30 years ago raised his children in this same apartment! Naturally, I invited him to come over soon for some tea & a chat. So when I started my morning in the kitchen, I was thinking about the many stories that happened right here, between these walls - if only they could talk...

-text from my Instagram account @moksicollective on Instagram


Social media has changed the way we interact with each other, how we read and write blogs. I use social media on a daily basis to connect and share but I came to realize that not everyone is using Instagram or Facebook - so they will not see what I share over there.

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