Instagram Inspirations ~ Kara Rosenlund Lifestyle


Today in Instagram Inspirations, meet Australian photographer, stylist and author, Kara Rosenlund.

The day I saw Kara's work for the first time, was when I still lived in Switzerland, back in 2010. I fell for her beautiful images - styled yet not over-styled. Our stories have similarities in moving across oceans, passion for travelling and love for authentic and old items.

Kara has created many editorial stories for magazines, with her signature styling and photography. I started to look forward to read the stories on her blog. With an authentic voice she shares peaks of her live at home or her weekends in pictures - it all made me even more curious about Australia. 

Oh, and don't get me started on Frankie - her 1956 traveling wares caravan. I mean, have a look here - simply gorgeous right?

Then one day, she announced what her long journey through her beloved Australia was all about - the making of her photo book 'Shelter'. For a year, Kara has been driving on her own through this huge country - searching for authentic Australian homes. She created not only a gorgeous photo book, it truly reflects the homes as they are. Barely touched by her, yet they look stylish enough to be in one of those glossy magazines. Her book Shelter is one I treasure - I literally carried it with me around the globe in my hand luggage - true story.

Being the creative woman that she is, Kara also developed her own lifestyle collection - KR lifestyle - yep, my smile was big! Beautiful photographic pieces together with all the things that she loves - it all comes together in her online store.

I have to say though, the shipping costs from Australia to the USA are not cheap, but it was worth it - now I have two special pieces of her collection matching my own. I already had a thin bone bracelet from Vietnam and a cushion from Morocco - both in need of company. So I ordered the light version of the hide cushion and a light coloured bangle. Only a week later, I danced when it all arrived on my birthday, and Kara wrapped it all with leather straps and fabric labels.

If you are not familiar yet with Kara's photography, her new lifestyle collection (did I mention the scarves? or wooden spoons?) have a look on her inspiring Instagram account @kararosenlund  or visit her website here for more stories, photographic work or if you want some happy shopping.