Instagram Inspirations ~ Grace from Design Sponge


Today in the Instagram Inspirations series, meet the creative founder of Design*Sponge, Grace Bonney.

Grace not only has influenced and inspired many bloggers and design lovers for a long time, she is actively promoting the work of other creatives world wide. Grace founded Design*Sponge way back in 2004 and has grown it into a business, currently with a team of 16 members, creating 3-5 times a day new content. 

Her latest book - In the Company of Women -  is one of these books I'm truly happy to own. It stays right next to my bed so I can read a couple pages each time. 

Grace created this book - which interviews over a 100 women who are creative makers, entrepreneurs and artists - to reflect the creative (American) community. It not only has beautiful imagery - showcasing the women in their own spaces - it's also filled with their advice and experiences. Which makes it an instant classic to read again and again when needed. 

I went to the first book signing event here in New York last month and the room was filled with 400 people and their positive energy! I learned how the women on the panel handled some of their struggles to start or continue, I connected with other creatives and also got to hug Grace (who took the time for everyone). 

I admire her constant encouraging of others to create and follow their dreams. One of the phrases of that evening  "Own your story" stuck with me and when Grace wrote "Be Bold! Be Brave!" it both resonated with me to continue with my plans for Moksi Collective - Thanks again Grace!

So, if you want a holiday gift for yourself or that special someone, I'd say this book is a gift that keeps on giving.

~ Maureen