{travel journal} Why we started our World Trip


It is July (2015) again and in the world of people living abroad or Moksi people (or some would say 'expats' but not me...) that means it time for the Big C.

The Big C can stand for a couple of things - compromise, complaints, company etc. but I'm talking about the biggest of them all - Change. It's the one constant factor of our lives how we know it. Change in every.single.thing you take for granted on a daily basis.

People change houses, cars, countries, companies and careers - see, a whole lot of C's. Sometimes it's what is best for the family, or because of a career change or due to unemployment.  In any case, it's the season of Change and this year we had a big one - again.

We are living abroad - and have been back to The Netherlands also - for the last 13 years. This time, our contract to live in Dubai was for 3 years and as it goes when you are having fun, time flies! On top of that, my husband is leaving the Big Company he worked for after 16 years - he wants to start working next year at his own company - so you can imagine, Change is now upon us and it's dressed in a whole new way! So, what to do?

We decided to do what we wanted to do in life, but never did - to make a Big World Trip with our two daughters, Noa and Zoe.

Noa is 17 and has recently graduated from high school & for her IB diploma (International) so we couldn't be more proud! She wanted to take a gap-year before she decides what to study and we agreed.

Zoe is 7 and she is our little globetrotter from the day she was in my belly (travelling through the USA) to be born in Switzerland and flying when she was 5 weeks old to South-America. She couldn't wait to be road schooled and we agreed.

So this is our chance to make this Big World Trip a reality and we have kicked it off two weeks ago!

After we packed our belongings into a container, again - and lived in that very busy last period in a hotel for 10 days, again - we waved Dubai goodbye (July 1, 2015) and flew to Amsterdam where both our families and friends live. We had the necessary medical shots, the many sweet goodbyes and hugs with tears and left - feeling loved and blessed.

So, that brings us to yesterday - we flew from Amsterdam back to Dubai to sleep a couple hours in the airport hotel and then onwards with Emirates again (we love Emirates) to Nairobi in Kenya. Yep, we are now in Africa!

I'm typing this blogpost right now in a big bathrobe from the hotel, I'm tired but excited to share our journey with you all! And happy to have Wifi! Because as of tomorrow, no more fancy hotels for a while...

Tomorrow we are joining a Masaai family in their village for a couple of days and I'm truly grateful we will have this experience. So whenever I have Wifi again, I will let you know how it went!