Saying Goodbye to Dubai


"Don't cry because it's over - Smile because it happened"

-Dr. Seuss-


For 3 years Dubai was our Home.

It only took us less than a week to feel this way and I can tell you, it's a special feeling.

Feeling at home in a new country is hard work, physically and more so mentally - meeting new people, finding a new school, searching for a new house, where is the best, cheaper, nearest grocery store, new doctors, a whole lot of administrative work, unpacking box after box, finding new appliances, welcoming guest after guest after guest into our home, trying really hard to drive safely on the high way not to be killed (and succeeding), getting lost for the 4ooth time, adjusting to new rules and new cultures, honestly, the list is very long - but we took it all in and fully enjoyed our time here. We even celebrated our wedding here - big time!

But this is not a post to sum up our lives here - it's simply too much to share - but I will say this...

Dubai was great and good for us & we have met many lovely people - tears were shed, I can tell you that...

So yes, with a sad feeling in my heart I've said goodbye, but I know I take the photo's and memories of these 3 hectic yet truly wonderful years with me.

If you ever have the feeling to get on a plane and fly to this great city, don't doubt, just go and experience it for yourself!

For me - I just feel truly grateful that the four of us have experienced this country - so yes, we heart Dubai!

The city between the sea and the desert - you will always be a special place for us.


Maureen x