Instagram Inspirations ~ A Family Afar


Whenever I see families travelling the globe longer than an average summer holiday, I'm always curious to see who they are, where they are going and how they experience being on the road for so long.

One of these families is Kelly and her husband Kiko, who are travelling for a year with their two children, Zuki and Yoda.*

I've found them on Instagram, just before they set of into the world, from their home on the sunny island of Kauai, Hawaii. I really love reading along, especially since Kelly is so kind to share their travelling adventures on their blog, which reads like a novel. It's filled with many tips and details how they experience travelling with kids and how things are not always go as planned.

I'm sucked into far away countries, totally different cultures, beautiful settings, refreshing observations and I soak it all up!

Kelly and Kiko have travelled before but this is the first time they do this with their kids. If you are wondering why they travel,  how they budget it all or more about their preparations before they left, read Kelly's frequent asked questions here.

Because we're in the middle of our own where-shall-we-travel-to stage (and the question we get daily, where-are-we-moving-to-after-Dubai), reading about other families travelling with their children and cherishing this special time together, makes us even more confident that travelling is the right thing for our foursome - before we settle anywhere else, this is what we will do first.

So, if you feel wanderlust tickling your soul or your adventurous side is notching your brain, hop on a virtual ride with Kelly and her family and read along with A Family Afar, while you sit comfortably in your chair with a drink!


Maureen x


*{their travel names for a year ~ photo Zanzibar beach made by Kelly}