Moksi scenes in Dubai


Month number 3 has started already, and it's time to set plans into motion. Spring is near, or perhaps winter is coming - depending where you are in the world - but this time of the year always inspires me to take more action.

But first let me share one of my happy moments with you.

One of my goals was finding a great photographer to work with and yesterday I worked with the sweet and talented Rebecca Rees. We literally cruised through Dubai the whole day to photograph seven inspiring Moksi Women who are living and working here.

* You can find them under the category: Living and Working in Dubai.

They graciously gave me their time so I can't wait to share it with you all, next month right here on the blog.

And no, the gorgeous legs in the photo are not mine but a behind the scene detail from yesterdays photo shoot and the man on the bicycle is one of my daily scenes here on the motorway. Two different scenes of living in Dubai. And that's what I love here, the mixture of people and lifestyles. After all, Moksi means 'mix' and I'm happy to have a Moksi way of living!

Enjoy your weekend and see you soon!


Maureen x


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