This modern bohemian lifestyle of ours has brought us good and exciting things.

We were afraid at times, but we jumped anyway. We are hopping and jumping since 2002 - from Amsterdam, to Houston, to cities in Southern Holland, to Switzerland - to be here in Dubai. A few times we played it safe. But most times we decided ‘let’s do it anyway’ and we took bold risks. Some decisions were even pure insane and some, well, they were worth the hustle & bustle and the feeling of living upside down.

Because you see, when we jump, together, holding our girls close to us, the details of how it all will turn out doesn't really matter. Sure, we plan the bigger issues first but then we still jump, even if it doesn't look too optimistic on paper. We figure the rest out as we go. Trusting our guts and holding on to our love for each other. This year, things will be shaken up again for our family of four and we are, again, on crossroads where to go from here.

Perhaps it’s the wanderlust within us. Perhaps we were gypsies in our former lives, who knows….

What we do know is that this year we will leave Dubai and we are not sure what will come next. It’s the first thing people ask us, ‘where will you go’ and our answers are, 'we don’t know it yet'.And that’s ok with us.

We will jump and hold each other tight, again. Life is full of uncertainties. Nobody really knows what tomorrow will bring, right? So we dream & plan and when the time is right, we will know.

As for The Moksi Homes, I hope you will walk this journey with me. Behind the scenes I am planning changes & collaborations and my head is full with ideas and advice. But for now, for these coming months, I’m going to enjoy Dubai even more. I shall take my trusty Iphone and my Canon more to the streets, so you can enjoy Dubai with me.

My posts will be in between the many visits we have from our back to back guests, who are thinking the same thing as we do, let’s enjoy Dubai while we can!


Maureen x

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