Create soul in your home


Home is where I'm with my family. That's for sure. But there are also things that make a house my home.

When you move from house to house - what we have been doing for almost 13 years - you get attached to certain items you have. New or old, you want to take them with you. No matter what country you are in, they make you feel at home and instantly give your (new) house a warm feeling.

Special items create soul in your home, in their own small but special way.

Because feeling at home is just that. A feeling. You can't pinpoint what 'it' actually is, you just know when you feel at home.

Everyone has their own way of creating a feeling of home. Some feel at home by cooking or baking their first home cooked meal in a new place. For me it starts with decorating. Some women like to begin decorating right away while others prefer to take it slow. I am the taking-it-slow-kind of girl. But when it comes to settling into a new house, there is no easier and quicker way to make me feel at home then when I unpack some of our special items.

With my favourite photographs, some scented candles - or flowers if available - and a couple of my favourite quotes in a new house, the feeling starts to kick in. If possible I put the candles already in the house before we move in, to give it that familiar smell.

I love photographs in the house and they will always come with me and find a place.

By using photographs to decorate, you are bringing in your own personal style. It's a super easy way to decorate, specially when you are in a temporary house or when you have to stay (temporarily) in a hotel room or a furnished apartment.

Quotes are also great affirmations and personalize a space right away. You even can write one or more on a piece of paper and tape it on the wall with washi tape. That way you can safely remove it when it's time to pack. 

And don't worry when your handy dandy hammer is still in boxes. There is no need to make a hole right away in the wall, to hang your photographs or quotes. You might change your mind or you are not allowed to make holes in the walls, if the house is a rented one. Just give them a temporary place and perhaps you even will leave them as is. 

Anywhere in the house will do. Place bigger ones against the windows. This is also a great way, and budget friendly, to block people from looking into your home if you live on the ground floor and you have no window treatments yet. Or place them loosely above a fire place, use smaller ones on the kitchen counter, or let really big ones stand loose on the floor against the wall.

As long as you can see them it's fine. After all, it's your home to enjoy.

So, create some soul in your house to make you feel at home. 

No matter how long you are staying there.


Maureen x


{photo 1} Our bedroom view with:

*the quote on wood was a gift from my husband, made by Heidi from Heidesign

*photo of my girls, 7 years ago, is printed on aluminium, so it can stand or hang

*the white leather pouf was handmade for me in Tunesia

*white supermarket flowers in a copper mug, from Old Dubai