Going in the right direction


Hello lovely readers!

I can't really get my head around the fact, that 2014 is already coming to an end!

It was a year filled with many mixed emotions -highs & lows- in my personal life and for The Moksi Homes.

I started oh so happy with the launch of this new website on January 7th, but then five days later my dad passed away and everything inside me went quiet... Times like these make living away from family & friends back in Amsterdam surreal and difficult.  I was even more grateful to have my husband and our two girls, our little foursome. We navigate life in yet another country but that's ok, Home is where we are together.

So yes, 2014 started really crappy and it was really hard for me to stay focused and to continue with TMH -I'm not going to make it prettier than it was- but I still had my Hopes & Dreams. I am a dreamer at heart, always will be.

Lucky for me, with the help of sweet Brandi and my lovely Guest blogger friends Melissa, Tammy,Stacey and Laura, the site continued further. And after a couple months, slowly but surely, I could feel the old Maureen coming back.

Also, after some hard thinking, I decided to stop writing on my personal blog of 4 years, Daydream Living. Honestly, this was not an easy choice but I needed more balance. And as most of you know, I use Instagram. I simply Love the easiness, creativity and sense of community there, so @the.moksi.homes is where you can find me on a daily basis. If you don't use a smarty pants phone, no worries, read along on your computer or Ipad, simply go to: instagram.com/moksicollective

The wonderful thing of living in Dubai, besides the sunshine, is that chances are pretty big that you will meet like minded and creative people. Just before the Summer, I've met the editor of Good Housekeeping Middle East, Lena. And that's when one of my Dreams turned into Reality. Lena is really lovely and she gave me the opportunity to write two articles for The Moksi Homes, 6 pages people!  I danced a Happy dance that day! To see two Moksi women and their stories featured in print was so great! There was also a piece in the Summer issue about my home here and how I like to decorate it.

My magazine dance even extended when another magazine, the Dutch Jan Magazine, printed the story of our wedding, from Amsterdam to Dubai. Seeing our little foursome in print and sharing a bit of our personal life was a first, but we enjoyed it and I Love the photo Brenda took of us in Amsterdam.

And so it happened that 2014 was a Moksi (which means 'mixed') kind of year.

So, what are my plans for TMH in 2015?

Well, there are ideas being put together to take TMH to the next level. I really look forward to see more Dreams turning into reality!

For the very near future, I joined the creative tribe of Jaclyn from Blog Society. For 5 weeks I'm going to be a student in her Digital Bravery e-course, starting January 25th. This is going to be interesting because it's out of my comfort zone! Read along on Instagram to see how I'm learning to tackle social media and how The Moksi Homes can grow bigger and better. Keep Dreaming Big, right?

For now, I hope you will have an enjoyable New Year's Eve & a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Maureen xx