Good Housekeeping magazine - Elisabetta's home


Hello everyone!

The second article from The Moksi Homes, is featured in this November issue of Good Housekeeping magazine Middle East, yeah!

If you have joined me on social media (see icons) you probably already know this, but if you didn't, have a look!

This time we visit the modern apartment of Italian/American Elisabetta, who lives in the Dubai Marina area with her husband and two children.

The moment you step inside it feels like Home. She has mixed and matched their international lifestyles into one apartment and you can tell she did it with love. I love the part of the article (see photo below) where she describes how it feels to have all your belongings with you.

Elisabetta works full time and being a working mother who has moved many times, has made her organised in the home. I can learn a thing or two from her, starting with organizing my own bling-bling-and-knick-knacks. Like Elisabetta has done in her bedroom with her make-up, her candles in the living area or simply putting her Japanese tea pots together on the kitchen counter.

Tip: Placing small items together into groups makes it easy on the eye and gives them a place of their own. 

Behind the scene with Elisabetta (sitting on the right) and Lena ter Laare (editor of Good Housekeeping magazine Middle East).

If you don't live in the Middle East area and you can't get a printed issue, you can also read the whole article in the online edition of the magazine, simply download it (for Free!) from the Appstore.  (It will be on TMH website soon under the 'Press' tab).

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