Start small, Dream Big


"Doubt kills more dreams than Failure ever will"

This is for my fellow dreamers. For those of you who dream, do, try & inspire. Start small & Dream Big, right?


I just posted this photo on Instagram with these words:

"These photo's I took with a tripod and remote clicker, in a very hectic & sad period and I had no photos. The website would be opening the following day, so I focused and thought how silly this would look, but I didn't care. I doubted myself, the ideas I had, the timing, name it and I used it as a reason to stop. But I didn't Because there is a little voice inside me that is whispering, 'don't give up'…  Now, already 10 months have passed since that day & changes were and are still being made for TMH. Holding on to your dreams is important. So, I hope you have a Great Dream to pursue, keep Believing & don't give up. * Happy Thursday everyone & if you celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving!"


This was one of these moments... The moment where you are supposed to do something totally different - like sporting or getting the groceries - but instead you are sitting behind your computer and typing words you already wanted to share, but never did...  It was a spur of the moment decision to publish it but I'm glad I did. Because I have more ideas, hopes and dreams what I want to do with TMH. It will be baby steps and that is ok.

As long as I stay focused and trust my gut more. You know that gut-feeling, the one that is whispering 'yeah' or 'nah' with each decision you make? Yep, it's there for a reason.

Enjoy your day everyone & Thanks for reading along!


Maureen x

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