Good Housekeeping magazine - Suzanne's home



Good morning from sunny Dubai! Remember last month when I shared that The Moksi Homes has teamed up with Good HouseKeeping Middle East?

I'm happy to say that TMH is in the current October issue, with a 5 page spread, named Home & Away!

It's my first printed article in a magazine for The Moksi Homes and I'm really happy with this!

*Dreams do come true!*

We were welcomed into the home of Moksi woman Suzanne, who moved from The Netherlands to Dubai with her family 2,5 years ago. She shares with us how she made this house her home and how she likes to put her own stamp on things by painting them. Even with a simple change of knobs, she shows that you don't need much to do so & that this too contributes to making a place feel as your Home.

I personally like her clever trick of hiding the darker border lines in the tiled floors, by simply putting a carpet over it.

If you don't live in the Middle East, you can read the article also online and see more of her home.

Just go to the AppStore (on your Ipad, Iphone or Mac) and have a look, it's free (yep, it's still a Free issue!).


Enjoy the week!