Decorating with Words


Hello from a sunny Dubai!

Today I wanted to share one of my favourite ways of making a (temporary) house feel more like Home, by simply using words.

I love to decorate with words, they are easy available in many ways and shapes and you don't need a big budget to jazz up your home. They're easy to change and best of all, the ones I'll show you will leave no holes in the walls when it is time to move again.

Affirmations are positive for the soul, so using something positive that makes you more aware or smile, reflects right back into your house. Making you feel right away at Home.

Type anything that will rock your boat. Here I used Times New Roman, which is great for those big single words. Choose a cursive font to make it feel less static, simply print it out the size you need it to be and put it in a frame, voila! An easy, quick and cheap way of styling a corner in your home.

In the kitchen, I have a simple wooden sign from Riviera Maison, that is designed to be put under a hot pan. Instead of storing it away, I use it as decoration. You know me, I'm not a good cook. (ok the truth is, I had no clue what the actual use of it was, until I came back in the store and saw it showcased in the right way...)

On Instagram I shared a photo of the first thing you see when entering our apartment, the rosewood side table. Besides the French mirror, I love that there are two quotes greeting our guests and reminding ourselves to behave normal. We always do, I promise....

In the guest bedroom I kept it very simple. The mini Arabic blue shoes and the golden star are complementing the colours on the book covers. Here I only let the words Dubai & Abu Dhabi speak for themselves.

Even while doing the laundry, I couldn't resist adding a little sign. It's not that I will forget where I am, I know where the washing machine is. Also, it's not a real 'room', I can hardly fit in. My bum is sticking out in the hallway but if I really hold my tummy in, I can close the door. OK, moving on...

So, if you want a super easy way of decorating your Home, words are great to use!

They make me smile and that results in making me feel at Home, as all the rooms in your Home should make you feel. Even the 'rooms' where your tummy needs a bit of a squeeze to close the door.

Enjoy your day!

Maureen xx