Sunday Wrap {soul food moments}


These last few weeks just flew by me and today it's already another Sunday.

Taking the time to heal is not something that comes naturally to me, but my body is telling me to just slow down. So I did.

The Moksi Homes just started 5 days when everything had to stop, and even though I tried to continue to write, it doesn't work this way in reality. Nothing came out of my hands. Again, my brain telling me to just slow down and try to relax. So I did.

Instead of the usual Sunday Wrap, where I link you back to the highlights of the past week (have you seen our Guest Blogger Laura?), I will share today some snap shots of my week.

*Having breakfast with my friends here in Dubai, at a very European looking cafe/restaurant, Maison Mathis, with great decor.

*Staying more at home, pink thick socks on my feet, watching the waves go by and listening to music.

Pure calmness for my busy brain.

*Even watching daytime television (how to decorate a caravan) gave me some much needed inspiration.

*And yesterday, I started a course in embroidery for beginners. I loved it! The course is given by the sweet Jessica Aldredand is held at Remade DXBsewing parlour, owned by the lovely two ladies, Paula & Theresa, right here in Dubai!

(More about them, coming up soon).

So yes, some much needed Soul Food Moments to keep me moving on.

Have a great Sunday!


Maureen x


Coming up in my next post: 'A new journey~how we started'.