Sunday Wrap ~ two


Even though these last two weeks had almost no new posts, I still wanted to Wrap them up in a Sunday Wrap post,  where you can find numbered links to the highlights of the past week(s) here at TMH.

As hard as I had thought this trough (not mixing too much of my personal life with the posts here in The Moksi Homes), loosing my father and therefore not continuing with the planned posts, well, that I could not leave unmentioned here.

So I wanted to say *Thank You* again to those who supported me in all your different ways these last two weeks.

* - *

Sunday Wrap No. 2

1)Meet Tammy - One of our Guest Bloggers, who has great readers by the way. They left their lovely comments at her blog post. Read along how she started her New Journey in a foreign country.

2) An overlap post, from here to my personal blog, Daydream Living. Enjoying the little moments in life, well, these small Dutch flowers made me smile this week and that is just what I need. 

Loosing a loved one while living abroad is also part of a Moksi Lifestyle. Even though you are aware of this when starting this new journey, preparing yourself for something heartbreaking like this, you can't...

I will see you soon, Enjoy this Sunday!


Maureen x