You decide...

Hello New Year!

2018 has started a week ago, the Christmas tree is gone, as has all the chocolate in the house and we are freezing our behinds off here in New York. So what better time to clean up your home, office, closet or - in my case, everything online related. Photo's, emails, blogposts and the Instagram accounts I follow - they all are being cleaned up.

Which brings me to something I wanted to ask you all.

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What kind of woman do you want to be?

The question in the title combines some things I'm thinking about lately. Without meaning to, I have written fifteen draft posts and not one has seen the day of light here...

Writing to express your feelings is good.

Writing to express your feelings while inspiring others is even better.

I don't want to be the kind of woman who writes and not shares. I always used to share more - but somehow in the midst of being busy building another life in yet another country, sharing what's important to me got lost. Or actually - is still waiting in draft...

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Seven great packing tips

When my blogfriend Laura asked me and three other travel lovers to share some of our packing tips for her blog, I was happy to help. One of my favourite tips really has changed my packing routine during our world trip - we travelled with our bagbacks and had to pack and unpack a gazillion times.

So now my packing dislike is almost gone. Almost... 

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Life between New York and Amsterdam

Without realizing it, I've been absent from my blog the entire month of July and August - how did this happen? Of course I know how... too much on my plate and so little time to do it all.

My last blogpost was a short week before we moved from our wonky Brooklyn apartment, to our second home here in New York - #homenr10. This move was only two streets away and so on a Wednesday morning we packed, moved and were done by noon. It was relatively quick since we don't have many belongings here. After that, life started to move in a very quick tempo...

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