My first step into Blog land


Boy oh Boy!

It took me 3 days to find a name (with a lot of help from my daughter, thank you sweetie!) but today I finally arrived in Blog land!

I know from reading other blogs that, not only is everyone very friendly but also generous in sharing inspiration and giving each other positive feedback. I read a Beach Cottage from Sarah, Dreamy Whites from Maria,  Vosges Paris from Desiree and Mimi Charmante from Kimberly. (Please visit them if you are not yet familiar. Warning: they can be addictive…). Week after week I got more hooked, reading all these posts and seeing the most beautiful pictures… Although I never left comments, I hereby like to say to them,

“I love your blogs!”

So, being the new girl in town let me introduce myself.

My name is Maureen. With my sweetheart, our two lovely girls and our dog, we are living an international life in Switzerland near a beautiful lake. Our hometown is Amsterdam. With all this moving around, from one (rental) home to another, I wanted to be more creative again, give my thoughts a place and have some inspiration. That is why I started this blog.

I am interested in many things, including Interior Decorating, Flea Markets, Photography, Books, Seaside Living, Women Entrepreneurs, the colors White, Grey, Pink, Blue and Black, Painted Wooden Furniture, Pugs and naturally I try to be a Superwoman and Supermom at the same time…

So, in between drinking coffee, driving my kids around and not going to Pilates classes, I try to create a home away from home.

I hope to meet someone soon, just knock on my door!