People always asked her where she was going.

Not fully knowing herself, she answered with a smile...

"I'm going in the right direction..."

photo by: Wesley Verhoeve

Hello and Welcome! I'm Maureen. 

I had planned to create something very interesting to write for this page. Or even a-make-you-smile-kind-of-text, to tell you more about who I am... Well, inspiration packed it's bags and left me with cold hands and no smarty pants words - for now! I have plenty to share so I will wait till it's very late, preferably 1am and on my way to the restroom.... That's when inspiring words all of a sudden pop up in my head (naturally....). I'm a creative night owl, that's for sure.

I'm also a mama and a wife. Love my girls - Noa and Zoe & my husband Daniel. We have been living a nomadic lifestyle for the last 15 years - moving from our home in Amsterdam to Houston, back to The Netherlands, to Switzerland and Dubai. Last year we decided to change our lives even more and we made an 8 month world trip - without knowing where we would end up living.... yep....

With only 4 bag packs and two kids we choose adventure over certainty - but we did it and now I'm typing this in the city that doesn't sleep... New York City! More precise, our hearts fell for Brooklyn, where we found a top floor apartment in an old brownstone building which we named the wonky house, #lifeinthewonkybrooklynhouse. Read more about our story [here].

It still feels unreal to walk this big city since we arrived 1,5 year - so let me take you with me while I wander and explore the city in #MaureenwandersinNYC

But let me not digress too much - I know there is more I can tell you, so if you feel the need to go back down memory lane, have a look over at the archives. For now, I'm going to keep it short (cold hands and all...).

Also, not to confuse you - but for new readers: if you see the words The Moksi Homes (TMH) that was the old website. I changed not only the name, my Instagram account and email, but also the mission - why the name changed to Moksi Collective.

Moksi means Mix & Collective means Group. This site is not only about me or our global way of living. It's a place where likeminded people can find an online home with a focus on Travel, Stories, Photography, New York City, Creative Women and Interiors. For next year there are more plans to be put into action (online & offline) so I'm looking forward to connect more with you all.

If you don't want to miss a thing, you can sign up below and subscribe to the newsletter. Plus you will be eligible for give-aways, only for subscribers. It's my way of saying Thank You, for reading along and being part of the Moksi Collective community. 

I truly hope you will enjoy scrolling through this brand new site and I'll be back soon to write something smarty-pants for this page.


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