People always asked her where she was going.

Not fully knowing herself, she answered with a smile...

"I'm going in the right direction..."


I was planning to write something very interesting for this About page. 

Well, inspiration packed it's bags and left me with cold hands and not the right words. I do have plenty to share, but I'll probably have to wait till it's very late. That's when inspiring words all of a sudden pop up in my head. I'm a creative night owl - that's for sure.

I'm also a mama and a wife. Love my girls - Noa and Zoe & my husband Daniel. We have been living a global lifestyle for the last 15 years - moving from our home in Amsterdam to Houston, back to The Netherlands, to Switzerland and Dubai. Halfway in 2015 we decided to change our lives even more and we made an 8 month world trip - without knowing where we would end up living.... yep....

With only 4 bag packs and two kids we choose adventure over certainty - not an easy thing to do, but we did it and now I'm typing this in the city that doesn't sleep... New York City! More precise, our hearts fell for Brooklyn, where we found our first top floor apartment in an old brownstone building which we named the wonky house, #lifeinthewonkybrooklynhouse. And we found our second apartment two streets away #homenr10 - since it's our tenth home we live in as a family. You can read more about our story in this interview.

It still feels surreal to wander through New York, so I'm documenting it at #MaureenwandersinNYC - Let's explore the city together if you are here. 

Thanks for reading and welcome!


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